Summer 2016 trends IN BRIDAL ACCESSORIES

Let's talk Summer 2016 trends.

Working in the fashion side of the bridal industry gives me a bit of a sneak peek into what brides are planning for their weddings. The brides I work with typically are ordering accessories for about 2-4 months ahead. While national bridal trend forecasts can definitely inform our perceptions of what's popular, I always think it's interesting to let brides speak for themselves.

Let's start with one that's been around for a while but isn't going away any time soon. 

1. Gold everything

I remember when I was little and I thought gold was for "old ladies." I would only wear silver. Silver hoop earrings, silver rings, silver dolphins on a black cord necklace. Yes, it was bad. Notsomuch the silver but the styles that were in in the early 2000s. And then, sometime a few years ago, it flip flopped. I suddenly understood the timeless and gorgeous appeal of gold - gold anything!

Brides are loving gold. For rhinestone sashes, for accent pieces in their hair or their bridesmaids' ensembles. For decorative elements throughout their ceremony decor and reception. Gold is popping up everywhere and brides are finding unique ways to incorporate it. 

2. Sashes sans ribbon.

Big for many of my brides lately has been a sash that extends ALL the way around the dress. Many bridal sashes will come with a fixed amount of the design/rhinestone part - for instance all Yellow Peony come standard with 18" and 3.5 feet of ribbon on the ends. But many brides are requesting a hook and eye closure with the sash continuing all the way around the waist OR the sash portion with no closure so it can be sewn onto their dress. Perhaps this indicates a shift towards cleaner, more modern, simple lines and less girly frills. Either way, I like it!

3. Complimenting duos

Much like the bridal separates that have been gaining popularity in the bridal wear industry, many brides are wanting to order a bridal headpiece and veil that compliment each other. Plenty of brides come to me for a headpiece or just a veil, but more often I'm running into a bride who wants a simple complimenting headpiece and veil that streamlines her decision and allows her to check one more thing off the never-ending wedding to-do list! So I'm working on adding to my selection of ready-to-order duos that have been paired with complimenting materials and details. 



4. Skinny headbands

I have seen a surge in the amount of brides going for thin sparkly headbands. They're easy to wear under a veil or as a standalone piece. They also are incredibly versatile and work with virtually every hairstyle. They can be worn traditionally over the hair or in the more boho style high on the forehead. It's no surprise something so versatile and timeless is a top choice for many brides. Another plus is that if you end up dancing the night away at your reception, there's no hairpiece to remove and re-position. The headband can stay with you the whole time and easily be retied if needed.

5. Skipping the veil and making a STATEMENT

Something that never goes out of style is making a statement all your own. Boldly going for the statement and the vision you have have in your head. Guess what -  it's YOUR wedding day.  You can and should stand out. You shouldn't be afraid to wear the piece you've always dreamed of. 

Statement pieces are my forte. It's something I get legitimately EXCITED about. I love crafting a custom piece from a bride's pieced together details and imaginings and create something that just exudes her style and personality. 

I can take pieces of a mother's or grandmother's veil, new elements and materials and create something totally uniquely you. Or you can choose from my selection of rhinestone, floral and statement headpieces in my shop.