Dear Weddings... Love, A Bridal Accessories Designer

Photo by Julie Paisley Photography

Photo by Julie Paisley Photography

Dear Weddings,

We have made much too little of you. We spend more time dreaming up details that form the perfect day rather than the marriage that greets us the morning after.

We pour over accessories and gowns, flowers and place cards, photographs and favors. We sometimes forget to put as much care into the commitment as we do into the cake.

Our perfect face of makeup shines brighter than what makes up our relationship. Who made our headpiece feels more important than what’s in our hearts.

The epidemic is not over-hyping, but under-hyping.

Weddings, you are so much greater than the details that make you memorable. In you, we celebrate something so much bigger than a rooftop venue or live band under the stars.

The wonderful thing is that returning to this truth doesn’t cripple us from enjoying the little things, but rather FREES us to delight in them.

Because our wedding isn’t ABOUT these things, but rather they are about IT, we can joyously wear the gown that reflects the confidence and character we exude. We can be empowered to make a statement with our veil because the only statement that truly matters has been said about us.

We were made for beauty and we have been called beautiful.

We do not exist for the details. The details exist to point us to the truest, most intricate, exhaustive and complete beauty there is.

And when I think of my work in light of this, it means infinitely so much more.


Haley Williams
The Yellow Peony