GOLD Couture Collection

Our latest collection is here!

This Gold couture collection was - of course - inspired by the precious metal that is its namesake. But so much more than that went into its creation.

I know a designer's process is never as interesting to the rest of the world as it is to the designer, but since I'm a classic oversharer, so I'm gonna tell you anyways.

To be honest, my design process is very disjointed and haphazard in the way I decide what will become a part of a collection and what won't. I allow space for myself to experiment with new things and even make some terribly strange pieces that don't make the cut, because I inevitably find some new way to do something, a new process I enjoy or a material that is calling my name to be incorporated into a bridal design.

 This time around, I found a lot of joy and freedom in experimenting with the layering of whimsical and airy materials where they didn't necessarily "belong." Paper flowers on a crown with embroidered lace leaves. Duck feathers on a tulle veil. Striking gold lace florals on a blue veil. I wanted lightness and the bride's own beauty to shine through. 

The Yellow Peony may be "vintage inspired", but that doesn't mean strictly any one period or style. Lord knows I could never commit to that kind of box. The era that most informed or inspired this collection is the 60s and 70s - coupled with a modern, fun flair. The feathers. The butterfly formation artfully arranged in Lauren's hair as though it's about to take flight. Fun, imaginative and interesting details - some of which require a bit of risk and intrigue to pull off. All of which add a beautiful element of femininity and taste to a bridal look. Enjoy!

Kerry WeemsComment